Hopscotch Nanny Agency

Hopscotch is situated in the City of London and was set up to provide childcare solutions and Housekeeping services. Our geographical area is SW London, North Surrey, Central and the City of London. We are also in the process of developing our International arm. Hopscotch's key aim is to continue to rethink how to better deliver childcare services bringing together families and nannies, maternity nurses and house keepers who honour trust and integrity. Hopscotch Nanny Agency was founded by Yvette Sagoe a mother and experienced nanny who is our Company Director and Senior Consultant.

Whilst working as a nanny Yvette was repeatedly asked for advice from both parents and nannies on recommending childcare solutions. Yvette's recommendations successfully matched many families with nannies; this in turn inspired her to set up Hopscotch Nanny Agency. Our consultants range from professionals within the finance, legal and property sector to experienced nannies and/or mothers.