Jack In A Box

We are Lynne Hartley and Carla Hollis, Ofsted Registered Childminders since 2004. We have been best friends since the age of three, and as children used to play at running a business together, as we grew into adults we would frequently find ourselves discussing the feasibility of establishing a business together, we just needed to find our calling! Our children were born close together, and we found that we both enjoyed the parenting experience. As we shared the same principles on childcare we decided that this should be the avenue which we explored to establish our business. We've been successfully running "Jack In A Box" since 2004 now and absolutely love it. Our own children are all grown now, so we feel that we can confidently tackle anything which is thrown at us. In January 2013, Kate Hartley joined the team as our assistant, until she had completed her own registration, and became registered by Ofsted as a childminder in her own right.