Little Monkees

We are a family run, age banded, preschool group and have been established since 2003 with our own 3 children, Oliver, Edward and Isabella, influencing the design and development of our unique play arena.

We originally had the idea to set up a group for babies and toddlers after taking our first born, Oliver, to a variety of baby/preschool classes and toddler groups. Most of the time we found it extremely stressful, trying to contain our very adventurous and active son who would only be content with structure for a limited period of time. When Oliver was able to crawl we wanted to give him the freedom to explore, which was not always possible due to poor hygiene (such as dirty floors) and safety.

With Gordon's engineering background and my love of drama we embarked on our journey to set up a friendly group where parents could spend time with their children, meet parents/grandparents with children of a similar age and relax in our fully padded play arena.